Answers To Your Child Support Questions

As it is in most of the country, child support in Minnesota is based on statutory guidelines. In most cases, the court does not deviate significantly from these guidelines.

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Child Support In Minnesota

The Minnesota child support guidelines formula is based in part on the amount of parenting time each parent has with the children. The court most often relies on this formula when determining child support payments, but parents can agree to another amount without using the formula if they choose. In rare circumstances, a parent may petition the court for a deviation from the guidelines.

The formula takes into account the incomes of both parents, the source of medical coverage for the children and the amount of time the children spend with each parent. However, it is important to get the numbers right, and there is lot of room for ambiguity. Mistakes can have lasting impact and can have devastating consequences for you and your family's financial circumstances.

Do I Have To Pay Child Support If The Other Parent Is Not Letting Me See My Child?

Yes. Child support and visitation/parenting time are separate issues. You can, however, take the other parent to court if he or she is violating the custody agreement.

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