Protecting Your Best Interests In Divorce

Divorce can be extremely difficult emotionally, but people are often surprised that it can be fairly straightforward legally. A divorce without children is just a division of marital property and the determination of alimony, if any. If you do not have complex assets, the divorce should not be complex. Determining child custody can be another matter entirely, emotionally and legally.

Regardless of your divorce's complexity, you can come to Paul Law Office, PLLC, for help. I am Burnsville attorney Christopher L. Paul, and I am prepared to assist you with Minnesota family law, divorce, custody and parenting time. You can rely on me for all related matters, including representation at mediation, determining child support and, in the future, the modification of post-decree orders. Please speak with me today to learn how I may help you through this time.

How Long Will My Divorce Take?

The answer depends on a number of factors, including whether the divorce is contested or not contested. An uncontested divorce with no children can be completed in as fast as a week if the parties agree to everything. An uncontested divorce with children involved will take longer because of the custody and parenting-time arrangements.

Mediation is required in a contested divorce. A contested divorce can take as long as you want to fight over property, spousal support or during child custody disputes. In general, most contested divorces take approximately six months to a year to resolve.

I typically recommend a practical approach to family law, but I will fight for you as long as it takes.

Talking To A Lawyer Can Ease Your Worries

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