Representing Same-Sex Couples In Child Custody Matters

Child custody can be challenging for same-sex parents whether they are together or they are divorcing. Even with legalized same-sex marriage in Minnesota, there could be complications if the couple divorces.

At Paul Law Office, PLLC, in Burnsville, I represent gay and lesbian parents who are in this difficult situation. I am a family law attorney who understands that you love your children and want to maintain your relationship with them. I will discuss your case and your needs before I make a recommendation about how to proceed.

Who Can File For Custody And Parenting Time?

If both parents adopted or are otherwise legally recognized as parents, then they have the same rights as anyone in a custody suit. In these cases, both can seek custody and visitation, and the best interests of the child standards will be the primary factor in the decision.

In cases where only one person is legally recognized as a parent, the second parent is legally a stepparent and does not immediately have rights to the child. The second parent may have the option of seeking third-party custody of the child.

I can help you with adoption of a child in this situation. Please speak with me today to discuss the specifics of your case.

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