Ensuring A Fair Outcome In Uncontested Divorces

Minnesota has a no-fault divorce statute, which means that neither party must prove that there are grounds for divorce. Irreconcilable differences is a sufficient reason for the court. This makes filing an uncontested divorce a simple process. You should still work with a lawyer, however, to make certain that your documents comply with the law.

I am Burnsville attorney Christopher L. Paul, and I can help you with uncontested divorce. My Burnsville law firm has affordable rates for this service. Discuss your case with me to learn whether uncontested divorce is right for you.

Providing A Flat-Fee Structure

I offer a flat fee for uncontested divorces in Dakota County:

  • $500, plus the filing fee for a divorce without children
  • $1,000, plus the filing fee for a divorce with children

When we discuss your case, I will tell you whether the flat-fee structure applies. If your divorce is more complex or you and your spouse do not agree on everything, the price may be higher.

My services include reviewing the documents that you have completed to ensure they are correct. I can help you fill out the documents if necessary. I will file the final documents with the court.

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